We started the LI Business Expo three years ago at Hofstra

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best hermes replica New York Business Expo a business to business show designed to help small businesses grow, work smarter, and stay tuned to emerging technologies in order to be more effective and efficient in the running of their business, he said. Business leaders of Long Island came to me and said, would you be interested in producing a show in Long Island? I from Connecticut, so at the time I didn realize, but the Long Island business community is vibrant and it distinct to itself, so we were very thrilled with the opportunity. We started the LI Business Expo three years ago at Hofstra University, and last year was the first ever show after the grand re opening of the convention center at the newly remodeled Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, and we back here again for year three.. best hermes replica

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high quality hermes replica uk In addition to all of the seasonal events that will be filling your weekdays and weekends, November has a couple of important holidays that Long Islanders will want to celebrate. In honor of Veterans Day of November 11th, organizations across Nassau and Suffolk will be taking a few moments to pay tribute to those that have fought valiantly in our country armed services. Then, less than two weeks later, families will be gathering for delicious Thanksgiving dinners, which don even have to be cooked thanks to a number of buffets and special menus at local restaurants.. high quality hermes replica uk

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