Light pesticide: we did (and still do at our new house

rememberthekant comments on god bless

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buy canada goose jacket cheap Sorry for the wall of text here, but I DID warn you it was a bit of a long story. But with all the shit that we went through for us to be a family, when my son gave me Joker, I knew we were a FAMILY. I knew he loved me as much as I love him.. Light pesticide: we did (and still do at our new house, as a preventative) a light pesticide application around the foundation each spring and once or twice during the summer. What we use is a pretty light, kid/pet friendly one that certified even for interior use in food service, but it does the job. When we applied it at the old place, which was a basement apartment, we saw an almost complete abatement of what had been a perennial ant problem, and we also saw a substantial reduction in population of other critters like woodlice, spiders, and house centipedes. buy canada goose jacket cheap

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